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They can work hard, but they need to see the meaning of “remuneration for overtime employed in management positions and management are entitled for working overtime on Sundays and feast if in exchange for work on that day did not get another day off from pracy.Sąd recalled that “in the light of settled case-law, even in the driving organizational unit separated in the organizational structure of the workplace, the status of an employee holding the position of manager, who is not entitled to overtime pay, are not entitled to the employee, if the directing team of employees, simultaneously performs work on an equal footing with members of the targeted group.

Posted by Technic Technic on November 19, 2019
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You only what buyers can count electricians, exemption from akcyzy.Równie dramatically illustrates the dynamics of the charging network expansion. By the end of next year we should have 400 points fast charge, and in addition is to be made available 6 thousand. standard power points – yet we are not even półmetku.W 2017. Poland established a strategy for electromobility, the steering committee, in January 2018. Act on electromobility. Finally, last week appeared a draft regulation on subsidies for e-cars.

Their amount depends on the destination of the car. In the case of private vehicles to 36 thousand. zł, for purposes related to municipal services – up to 150 thousand. zł. Money will come from the EGF Clean Transport, which is powered from 10 grams to pay by filling each liter of fuel. The draft Regulation is very comprehensive and just went to public consultation, so far, experts speak about it very sparingly. – Flowing with ME are very important announcement. Optimistic approach to the project.

This regulation may be the actual impulse to the development of fast charging network for electric cars in Poland and the popularization of alternative propulsion – says Maciej Mazur head of the Polish Association of Alternative Fuels. See also: Electromobility with the flow or against the tide? LP covers cool analysis »It is also said the construction of the 4.5 billion zł electric car factory in our country. As we established, some of the money (1.5-2 billion. Zł.) Would come fro Continue Reading

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